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Winter Farm Life

Jan 31

Snow RoadWinter is a great time for us to reflect on the past seasons and plan for projects in the seasons to come: Maple Sugaring, Seed Starting, Gardening, and Spring Chicks. We enjoy the longer evenings indoors eating yummy meals together, playing cards, and brainstorming some of our wild Bardo ideas. Mostly, we just enjoy the sheer beauty of our winter wonderland.

You may picture winter farm life as uncomfortably cold with shivering animals and people bundled to the max. With temps dipping as low as -20, there’s no denying it gets frigid but it’s not nearly as awful as you might imagine. Our animals all have shelters to stay dry and warm…but often have their own housing ideas.

Chicken Yard

The chickens have plenty of options for shelter…







but instead we find them in random places like this:

Chickens on hog panels


Ox & BullThe winter days can be tough on the farm, of course. The short days don’t leave much time for anything but feeding the animals, then feeding them again. The animal waters sometimes freeze as soon as we pour them. Luckily most of the animals are quite hardy (more than most humans we know); their feathers and fur give them a nice barrier against the cold.

Farm View

Our Bardo farmers can often be seen outdoors in these negative temps with no jackets on (otherwise they’d be sweating working that hard). It does take more effort to keep our critters happy in the winter months, but the farm sure looks pretty all dolled up in snow.

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