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Sep 05

Order your…

Thanksgiving turkeys. Our turkeys are free-range, and they’re some of the most entertaining animals on the farm. They follow you around, gobble (in unison) when you laugh, and have some pretty interesting expressions. Order them now, pick them up the day before turkey day.

Meat chickens. Our Cornish X chickens are free range, which means they get to choose what they eat, and when they eat it. You can taste it in the meat.

Pigs and USDA pork cuts. Yes, that means bacon, along with other delicious cuts. Or half or whole pigs — your choice. Our pigs are woodland/pasture-raised. Our pens are placed on rough natural terrain. We feed the pigs grain, grocery store waste food, spent grain from a local brewery, and whatever else they can find on the ground such as bugs and plants. Hormone and antibiotic-free.

Also: maple syrup, rabbits, duck, beer bratwurst, emu oil, eggs…

Order now!  We are barter- and BitCoin-friendly!



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