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Thanks for Coming to Our First Kid’s Day and Second Monthly Potluck

Apr 08

20140406_182901Thanks to all who roughed the mud and came to our First Kid’s Day and Second Monthly Potluck! It was great to see so many kids, families, and adults visiting all the animals on the farm. They got to see the goat kids and piglets, explore the rabbit house, feed fruit to Red (our bull) and Trip (our Ox), and when they needed to dry off and get warm, there were newly hatched quail they got to hold in the house.20140406_16534620140406_165356 As a bonus, the sap was running so we got to collect sap from buckets and boil it down to maple syrup in our sugar shack.

It was wet and wild out there but our delicious potluck dinner revived us. The kids even got a second wind and had a music session and dance-off in the house. It was fun feasting with friends after the long day. Unfortunately, some of you couldn’t make it due to muddy roads and a busy weekend. We hope you can make it out next month when the road will hopefully be drier.

A huge thanks to our CSA members!!! As a bonus this month, we included a dozen quail eggs to try. We love them pickled (as a snack or as a burger topping – yum!) or hard boiled in salads and we think you’ll love them too. Let us know what you’re favorite recipes are. 20140406_181918

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