Bardo Farm

Freedom Never Tasted So Good


Dec 30

We started raising worms when Emily gave Neil a little mail-order kit for Christmas.  Worms double in number every couple of months, and now we have our own little worm farm in the greenhouse:

[picture of worm bin]

Worms are under-rated as a farm animal. They’re easy to raise, they eat things that you’d normally throw away (our are raised mostly on coffee grounds and paper), and not only are the worms themselves valuable for things like composting and gardening, but they’re a great source of protein for chickens, and the castings make a wonderful fertilizer.

[picture of spraying worm tea around some healthy looking plants]

We sell the castings in bags, and in a concentrated form as ‘Worm Tea’. We’ve seen amazing results from adding both to the soil in our own gardens.