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Dec 30

Rabbit meat is as healthy (higher in protein than most meats, and lower in fat) as it is delicious. Our rabbits are mostly New Zealand Whites and Californias,

farm bunny

but we have a few other varieties as well.  You can buy whole rabbits ready to cook or freeze: skinned and cleaned with the bones in.

If you just want one as a pet, we’re happy to sell them alive.  They are intelligent and trainable.  Ours are friendly, having been handled since birth.  If litter and harness trained, they make great alternative house pets.

farm rabbit mom n baby

We breed our own rabbits, and they breed… well, like rabbits!  They have a short gestation period, and a doe (female) can have several litters a year, so the bucks (males) are always busy, and we always have bunnies around in various stages of growth.

farm baby bunnies

We’re experimenting with tanning the hides,


to make slippers and gloves and other products if we find that there is interest in them.  Suggestions are always welcome!



  1. Eugene Wilkins says:

    I am interested in purchasing atleast one doe and a buck which I can use for breeding for personal rabbit consumption. I live here in Northern California and have raised rabbits for meat previously years ago. I am wondering what you might recommend and what my cost may be for the rabbits; my idea is to have a pair of the same breed or a doe of each breed (Californian and New Zealand White) and a buck of one of those breeds. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Thank you, Eugene.

    • Bardo Admin says:

      Hi Eugene,
      Thank you for your inquiry! We unfortunately do not have any rabbits available at this time. We have not shipped live animals yet, so that would be a challenge as well. Your plan for breeding sounds great, those are the breeds that we use, and we have bucks in both breeds. Let me know if you have any other questions about rabbits. Thanks!

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