Bardo Farm

Freedom Never Tasted So Good


Dec 13

Cattlefarm oxen

Two oxen, Chris and Trip, came with the property when we bought it. Though trained to work, they were mostly kept as pets. Chris and Trip have both since retired to freezer camp.

farm red bullBut since Chris died some years before Trip, we found him a companion, Red, a registered Scottish Highland, with a bit of an attitude to match his pedigree. They got along well, foraging on grass and shrubs during the most of the year, and eating hay during the winter.

We have since sold Red.






The property also came with a pair of farm old goatsgoats, Jimmy and Timmy, both of whom have passed on.  For a while we had a third goat, Denny (who many of our friends remember as the ring bearer in Neil and Emily’s wedding).farm wedding goat

For a while, we had two Alpine goats that we keep as pets. We also kept a small heard of Boer goats and a Kiko buck to breed for meat.109









We don’t have any yet, but it’s just a matter of time.