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GOAL-BUSTER: 36 Meat CSA members

Apr 22

Our first Goalbuster (think Kickstarter):

Help us meet our goal of 36 Meat CSA members by June 22nd and earn some sweet (and savory) rewards!
Current member count= 7

1. Sign up for Pork Plan =
Bardo Farm Sampler: 1 doz. eggs (mix of chicken, duck, quail), 1 quart Maple Syrup, 1 chicken, 1 Rabbit, 1 Bardo Farm Cooler Bag!

2. Sign up for Meat Lovers Plan =
Bardo Farm Sampler plus Bonus Turkey!

3. Pay for the whole year in advance =
Bardo Farm Sampler plus 1 month FREE!

4. Get a friend to sign up =
Bardo Farm Sampler plus 1 month FREE per member!! (get 12 people to sign up, get the whole year FREE!!!)

Sign up and get your friends to sign up at or

***NOW offering delivery/pick-up in Manchester, NH***

Enjoy some local pasture-raised meat, monthly!

More info on our Meat CSA (from earlier post):

Want to eat local meat, but can’t fit it all in your freezer? Or can’t afford to pay for it all at once? Problem solved! Sign up for our new monthly PORK plan or MEAT LOVERS plan, and get a nice portion of meat every month for a year!

We at Bardo Farm raise our animals using free-range, woodland-raised, and pasture-raised practices whenever possible. Most of our animals are very friendly due to the attention and love we strive to give them. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy animals. After all, happy animals taste better.

Pork Plan
(go to )

$75 per month

You will get approximately 13 lb/mo (1 pig/yr)

Meat Lovers Plan
(go to )

$150/month will get you, over the course of a year:

1 pig
12 rabbits
1 turkey (for either T-day or Xmas)
3 ducks
20 chickens
And a 20% discount off of additional meat during the year.

First month’s payment is the deposit & membership. Payment for following month due at each pick-up.

We need 36 people in either the Meat Lovers or Pork Plan, in 12-person increments. This is because you’re all sharing 1 pig per month (per 12 people).

Monthly pick-up at Bardo Farm every 1st Sunday, and join us for Potluck Dinner!

Sign up now at either:

Contact Emily 603-276-9205 for more information.

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