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Jan 08

COMING SOON: MEAT CSA! Want to eat local pork, but can’t afford to pay for it all at once? Or, you can’t fit it all in your freezer? Problem solved! Sign up for our new monthly PORK plan or MEAT LOVERS plan, and get a nice portion of meat every month for a year! More […]

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Time to order!

Sep 05

Order your… Thanksgiving turkeys. Our turkeys are free-range, and they’re some of the most entertaining animals on the farm. They follow you around, gobble (in unison) when you laugh, and have some pretty interesting expressions. Order them now, pick them up the day before turkey day. Meat chickens. Our Cornish X chickens are free range, […]

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Help us with our Wish List

Jan 13

80 lb jack hammer 87-9 Ford F-series transfer case (found!) old/free ATVs and snowmobiles trailored wood chipper (found!) gas leaf blower benchtop wood planer $100 to fix a 10 HP diesel engine $100 to fix snowmobile good engine-driven welder $150 for concrete saw 50 lb-ish hammer drill/chipping gun

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